Duotone Dice 2021

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The Dutone Dice is the performance weapon of choice.  When it comes to a kite that's dynamic, responsive and in tune with the rider there's nothing that beats the Dice.  Easy to fly for even a beginner, but with the performance and capabilities that will allow even the most experienced riders to push the envelope of what's possible.  Fast, agile, consistent.

Working along side some of Duotone's top riders including Aaron Hadlow and Lasse Walker, the team wanted this years Dice to be a prime contender for the King Of The Air.  This year features some significant improvements to the construction and panel layout, as well as further tuning and optimization of the new pullyless bridle design implemented last year on the 2020 Dice.  The result of this is a Dice that's more responsive and precise that ever before, and greatly enhanced abilities when it comes to boosting and looping.