Duotone Juice DLAB 2022

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The latest and greatest in light wind innovation, the new D/LAB Juice makes use of the amazing new Aluula material to completely transform light wind kiting.  The Juice has been a winning design in light wind kiting for many years now, but with the addition of this revolutionary new element, Aluula, it's taken things to the next level. 

This ultra light fabric is key in adding a massive boost to light wind performance, reducing the weight of a large kite like the Juice by as much as 30%.  This translates to a huge impact on light wind speed and acceleration, water realaunch and stability.  Significant performance improvements are made in almost all areas of the kite by designing around this material, allowing you to kite and enjoy your time on the water in conditions previously inaccessible.

Whether you're twintipping, riding in the surf or foiling, the light wind and agile performance offered by the D/LAB Juice is a light wind machine you just can't beat if you're looking to make the most of those marginal days.