Duotone Replacement Strut Bladder

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Genuine Duotone replacement strut bladders.  Bladder complete with valve fitted and ready to go.  Just remove the old one and replace.

As strut bladders are often cross compatible between different models to some degree, we've got them categorised here in a way that makes it easy to find a suitable replacement quickly rather than trying to find the specific bladder you need.

Just order by selecting your strut (Left/Red, Right/Grey, Centre), and then measuring the full length of the strut you need to replace.

Ensure you select a strut that is too large.  Going a bit oversized doesn't really cause any problems, but too small and it won't work at all.  Even significantly oversized will usually work no issues, you're better off going too big. 

If you have any questions about compatibility, please get in touch and we'll see if we can make a recommendation for you. 

If you want to order the specific strut that is an exact match for your kite or a fully set etc. let us know, it can be done but there is often a long wait for new bladders.