Duotone Spirit Foil 3.0 - Carve Wingset

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The Carve wingset from Duotone is improved in the new 3.0 version for 2022, with a streamlined and more efficient profile around the connection point and a little trim down on weight, the Carve 3.0 wings will have you Carving smoother and cleaner than ever!

Available in both the 950 and 700, the Carve wing set is the go to all arounder for most foilers offering an excellent blend of lift, stability and agility that will suit a huge variety of conditions and riding styles.

The 3.0 wingsets are fully compatible with both previous Spirit 2.0 Mast/Fuse combos, as well as the newer Spirit 3.0 & Spirit SLS Mast and Fuselage sets.

Sold as a set, front and rear wing, including padded wing covers for transport and storage.