Duotone Spirit Foil 3.0 - SLS Carbon Mast & Fuselage Set

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The Spirit foil from Duotone has been hugely successful as an all around kitefoiling platform, and with the SLS option now available it just got better!

The SLS carbon construction replaces the alloy mast/fuselage combo offering a massive weight reduction on the overall unit, as well as a sleeker finish and highly rigid and reponsive frame that improves all around performance in speed, efficiency and agility.

Fully compatible with the current Duotone 2.0 wing range (Carve, Surf, GT) as well as the latest 3.0 wing range, the Spirit SLS mast/fuselage combo is and easy upgrade to your foiling kit that will provide a big step up in performance without the need to re-gear your entire kit.  Just swap your wings over and you're set to go!