Duotone Spirit Foil - Surf Wing Set

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The Duotone Spirit Surf is perfect for those who want to foil freely without needing a lot of kite power.  Can be used both for kiting and carving in the surf as well as prone foiling, it makes a huge amount of lift so gets up and rides easy and will continue to fly with ease through the carves and lulls.  Very stable lift profile and design makes for a super comfortable and controllable ride in the white water or when catching waves.

If you want to get out foiling with the smallest kite you can and love that feeling of ultimate freedom, the Duotone Spirit Surf is the foil for you. 

Available in two different wing sizes, the 1250 is great for average kite foilers and will handle a larger kite foiler no problems, it will suit medium sized riders for prone foiling.  If you want to prone/surf foil more than you kite you'll likely want the 1500, especially if you're a larger than average rider. 

Duotone foils are sold in a 2 part kit, the wing set including the wings themselves along with the covers, to be paired with a Spirit Mast & Fuselage kit available in multiple sizes allowing you to pick a setup that suits your riding style and skill level.  The go to for most kite foilers is the 75cm mast, however those learning or kiting in shallow water conditions will likely get a lot more enjoyment out of the shorter 60cm mast.

Wing Set includes front & rear wing.