F-One Manera Rope Slider Spreader Bar

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F-One sliding spreader bar rope harness kit, great aftermarket option to add a sliding spreader bar to your harness.  Versatile attachment points designed to suit both single and double strapped harness systems.  Adds a huge amount of freedom to your ride especially for directional boards, foiling and those who like to ride a lot of toeside.

Abrasion resistant ropes:

The ropes are built with a 4mm spectra inside a 6mm special abrasion-resistant sleeve for a maximum durability, tension & tearing resistance.

Kevlar construction:

All the soft parts that are exposed to friction (mostly from chicken loop) are built with Kevlar to keep a lightweight construction and have the best possible durability.

Double ropes:

We used two ropes because it provides a better durability and a slower, more controlled slide.