Fanatic Aero Foil 3.0 - Mast & Fuselage Set AL

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The Fanatic Aero 3.0 generation mast & fuselage set add some huge performance increases to the already popular Fanatic Aero, predominantly a massive weight reduction without having to compromise on it's stiffness and stability.  The 2.0 Aero was praised for it's excellent durability and highly rigid construction and the 3.0 carries this over.

Several mast and fuselage combos to choose from, including the new 82cm mast designed to hit that "sweet spot" for wing foilers.

Stable, easy and adaptable the Fanatic Aero 3.0 is an amazing cross discipline foil, and with a wide variety of wings to choose from the options are endless.  Fully compatible with all existing wings for the Aero 2.0, as well as newer designs going forward, the Fanatic Aero 3.0 is a clear winner.

Mast & Fuselage set comes complete with padded covers and carry bag.  Add a wing set to complete your foil!