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G-Form Elbow Pads are a revolutionary protective device. The composite PORON XRD material, as well as proprietary G-Form material and construction, allows for a flexible guard that hardens and absorbs impact. They continue to absorb impact time and time again, with no need to replace them after a crash or repeated use. 


They are slim enough to wear under clothes, while functioning perfectly well if worn over a shirt sleeve. The flexible, molded exoskeleton means movement is not restricted and you can flex your arms comfortable while you ride. This also helps to keep them in place and eliminate movement up or down the arm.


The G-Form elbow guards can be easily washed, ready for your next ride!


Please note the Standard G-Form pads are discontinued and have been superseded by the G-Form Pro-X pad.  If your size is not available, take a look at the new model.