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Gibbon Tree Wear

  • $2499

Tree protection from Gibbon, simple to use with velcro straps at the end, wrap it around before you setup your slackline to prevent damage to both the tree and your slackline.  Available in two sizes, regular and XL, sold in a pair, 2 pieces per set. 

Treewear Regular

  • 2 x TREEWEAR
  • velcro straps at the end
  • material: Synthetic felt
  • length/width: 100 x 16 cm
  • easy setup
  • no slipping

Treewear XL

  • length/width: 200 x 25cm
  • material: Synthetic felt
  • velcro straps at the end & on the side
  • easy setup
  • no slipping

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