ION Riot Curv 14 Waist Harness 2020

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The Riot Curv 14 features ION's revolutionary thermo composite CURV material known for a light weight and great durability. Besides this, the Riot Curv 14 is fully molded and offers an outstandingly light yet incredibly robust harness construction. With a flex index of 14, it is one of the medium siffness harneses in ION's product range. All loads are distributed perfectly through its stiff 3D pre-shaped center part. Together with the low outline, this medium stiffness harness offers great freedom of movement, further enhanced through the flexible side parts.

The Riot Curv 14 is fitted with the C-bar 2.0, allowing for both regular attachment & rope slider attachment.  It also includes the new tension lock system, allowing you to get in and out of your harness with ease, no changing the fit or adjusting the straps at all just clip in and out.