ION Riot Curv 14 Waist Harness 2022

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ION's harness ergonomics provide the perfect fit for each individual's body size and shape. The harness outline derives from body height and girth, ranging from high to low with intermediate sizes. The exchangeable Ergo_Pad on the inside offers optimal lumbar support in two profiles (each harness comes with two options - medium and high support - choose what suits you best). The Riot Curv is medium rigid (flex index 14) and offers a good balance between direct feeling, flexibility, and support. An ultra-lightweight Curv construction distributes forces evenly throughout the harness. At the same time, it's flexible enough to allow for optimum freedom of movement. Non-water-absorbent Hyper_Foam contributes to the overall ergonomic fit and lightweight while the Neoprene_Belt provides flexibility in the front.

The Riot Curv 14 is fitted with the ION Spectre Bar, allowing for both regular attachment & rope slider attachment.  It also includes the tension lock system, allowing you to get in and out of your harness with ease, no changing the fit or adjusting the straps at all just clip in and out.