Naish Hover 135 Foil Sup 2019

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The Naish Hover 135 is a dedicated SUP-foil board, designed from the groud up to be specifically for foiling it's the best board for the job!

Perfect for surf foiling or downwind foiling conditions, the Hover 135 has all your foiling bases covered.  It has no fin boxes and cannot be used as a regular SUP, so keep that in mind if you want options, but that does mean this board is designed to be the very best for foiling and foiling alone, no design compromises.

With more volume distribution in the tail, the Hover 135 delivers easier take-off and assists heavier riders with added balance. Further assisting take-off, its center channel allows us to position the foil in a perfectly neutral position while maintaining a flatter rocker—a huge benefit when riding in downwind conditions.