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The Hokua 8’5” GT features a performance design ideal for wave riders wanting the ease and control to make the most out of every wave. It has a predictable and easy design for smooth carving, bottom turning and smacking the lip. The bottom shape has a single-concave nose, double-concave center section and an accelerated V in the tail for looser rail-to-rail performance and acceleration. Can be ridden as a thruster or a quad.

The Hokua 9’10″ GT/GS features a full size design for everyday riders wanting stability, comfort and Hokua performance for real world conditions. It blends the wave turning performance of the Hokua with the acceleration and wave catching ease of the Nalu.  The 9’10″ maintains the Hokua’s world-renowned wave riding qualities and there is no sacrifice in performance due to its size. It is the perfect wave board for the everyday rider, regardless of size or surfing skill. Can be ridden as a thruster or a quad.

Hokua LE boards are expert level, Limited Edition wave designs for highly advanced riding and professional competition.  They feature an aggressive rocker from tip-to-tail for vertical snap off the lip, tight turning in the pocket and high speed control down the line.  Hokua LE boards can be ridden as a thruster or a quad, and are constructed using a revolutionary carbon sandwich technology which makes them extremely stiff and ultra lightweight.