Nobile 50/Fifty 2017

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Complete board with Pads/Straps/Fins/Handle


  • Pre-stressed Multichannel system guarantees stability in every situation.
  • Carbon power belt keeps the rocker line during hard landings.
  • Compatible with wakeboard bindings.
  • Rocker line is perfect for all conditions on the water.


The 50/Fifty has always been a standout, and the new 2017 model will not disappoint.  Few other boards even compare to the 50/Fifty, a super reactive feel with explosive pop, but soft and controllable on the landings with perfect grip on the water.  The multichannel bottom of the board and Hydrodynamic rocker provide the perfect blend of speed and control, holding steady in even the most aggressive conditions.


The 50/Fifty has a softness on the water like no other, smoothing out aggressive landings and lumpy water, and proves excellent in fast and aggressive surf conditions.  This is thanks to a finely tuned flex pattern, with a carbon fibre re-enforcing in the top layer that keeps the tips on top of the water at all times, save the messiest landings, never catch the nose in chop or big swell, the 50/Fifty makes it easy.


The construction uses Pre-Stress technology, which exploits the extra properties of the wood. While others just use the geometrical features of a multichannel bottom, Nobile achieve a totally different technological level. Pre-Stress lets us create a thinner, lighter board, while strengthening its construction to the maximum at the same time. Increased torsion resistance and additional cumulation of energy inside the core help the board’s upwind ability significantly and give it an unbelievable, unique pop. The board is equipped with two sets of inserts – for boots and straps riding which allows you to set up the centre of gravity on the board perfectly