Nobile Infinity Wave 2015

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Size: 5'7"

Strapped or strapless, from small to well overhead waves, the Infinity is a perfect tool to enjoy wave kiting. The board is easy to ride and offers full control and confidence on both smaller and bigger waves. It is lightweight and lively with a generous amount of flex and response. The Infinity has a tip-to-tail wood core with Pre-Stress technology, and is covered with a foam deck for grip and maximum manoeuvrability.

The thin nose of the board makes it immune to gusts and improves the stability, and the overall construction makes the board super durable and light, and makes for an awesome travelling board that is very resistant to transport damage. Infinity is equipped with FCS mounting system and fins. If you want to rip in the surf, then you want the Infinity.

Comes complete with FCS fins. Various strap options available for an additional charge.