Nobile Pocket Skim Foil Board 2022

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The Nobile Pocket is the ultimate in foil freedom, at only 90cm long this compact little unit is fast, agile, light weight and offers a feeling of freedom like no other.  Featuring a very heavy nose rocker and a bevelled rail all around it clears off the water easy and is incredibly resistent to catching during touchdowns.  Fully plugged for strapped riding and covered with a full length EVA deck grip that's perfect for straples, the Nobile Pocket makes for a great foiling option for intermediate to advanced riders.

Fit out with the standard 90mm track mounting system the Pocket is compatible with the majority of foils available currently.  It's compact size makes for an amazing travelling companion, and it can easily be fit into the Nobile Check-In travel bag with your full foiling setup to allow hassle free handling for even short haul air travel.

For anyone craving true kite foil freedom, the Nobile Pocket is here to help!

Size | 90 x 46

Board ships including footstraps & foil mounting plates in track.