Nobile Skim Fish Kite Foil Board 2021

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The Nobile Fish Skim Foil is the latest is surf cross over options from the Nobile range.  A spiritual successor to the original Infinity Wave the Fish Skim offers great wave performance with a high degree of durability for those who want a directional board but still like to ride hard and boost big.  Solid twintip style timber laminate construction far outclasses the strength of any surfboard construction available, and for anyone who rides aggressive on a directional in the surf they know how essential this is.

Fully strapped for aggressive riding and boosting, and featuring a full length EVA deckpad for strapless riding.  Twin fin style fin configuration with full sized surfboard fins offers a nice blend of surf style feel and performance while still having good agility, and the fins use the standard twintip mounting system so they can be swapped for smaller fins offering a looser more skim like feel.

The Skim Fish is fully convertable to a skim style foil board with it's standard 90mm mast mounting track on the base, and it's rockerline and profile ensures it performs well when foiling making a great crossover board for anyone who wants to mix things up a little.

The unique design and construction of the Skim Fish makes it an excellent board for those just getting into surfboards or directional style riding from a twintip background, it's low volume and sharp rail allowing a more familiar feel and riding style.

The Skim Fish is a versatile, capable and most of all fun little addition to any board quiver!

Size | 139 x 46.5

Board ships including footstraps, fins & foil mounting plates in track.