Ocean & Earth Dakoda Walters Pro Centre Deck Pad

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A throw back to the surfing inspired from the 80’s and 90’s when full coverage was the norm. Kodes’s surfing is lightning fast and he spends most of his time above the lip.    


Lightweight and thin multidirectional brushed corduroy- minimises rashing, maximises sensitivity between foot and board. When paired together the tail pad and centre deck offers over 1m of spreadable traction                        


  • Length:  700mm
  • Width:   380mm (unspread)
  • Pieces:   5
  • Arch:     N/A
  • Groove:  Flat Brushed

SUPA-THIN 3MM BASE  | The thinnest base available, without compromising strength or adhesion. Added perforation and slotted grooves reduces weight further.

WATERPROOF EVA | Developed to improve all round performance in our technical grips. CC55 Closed Cell EVA is lighter, waterproof and super thin

SUPERIOR ADHESIVE BACKING | 4A high grade adhesive formula, developed for EVA offers maximum, long lasting adhesion.

CC55 EVA | O&E’s unique CC55 is a closed cell EVA formula which has been developed to be UV stabilised, water resistant, super grippy, extremely thin and light weight. The addition of purposely positioned perforation and slots also reduces weight and adds extra grip for toes to grip onto resulting in MORE DRIVE, GRIP, PRECISION