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The Edge is now in its 8th version and has consistently proven its freeride capabilities for beginners to advanced 'hooked in' freestyle and big air riders.

The Edge offers all around performance from old school hooked in freeride, big air, freeride foil boarding or racing hydrofoil boards It offers a stable, yet highly efficient profile which delivers progressive power and awesome boose when you want it. This shape translates to unmatched upwind ability and generous sheet and go power delivery.  

Consistent fine tuning of the Edge has delivered a smoother bar feel and improved handling with predictible power delivery, reliable relaunch and smooth turning.

The Edge V8 has been designed using our new highly advanced custom built CAD software, we do not use the software most other brands use. Our designers are able to work with parameters specifically formulated based on our many years of experience, to calculate flexible wings. The Edge V8 incorporates optimised layout of segments and balanced strut positioning resulting in a clean profile and canopy throughout angle of attack changes. Like all Ozone kites the Edge is superbly balanced, giving it class winning stability and performance.

The Edge V8 is constructed with quality Teijin D2 and Teijin Dacron providing a crisper feel and a stronger kite. A low-drag pulley-less bridle system is achieved through optimised load distribution into the attachment points. The bridles are spliced using high quality Aramid line, which is 50% thinner than our standard bridle line giving the Edge a turbo charged feel. Combined with our Race Control System and Race Flying Lines the Edge truly is a winning package.

With a full range of sizes, the Edge offers a kite to suit all levels and all wind ranges.