The Ruk T Track Adaptor Bolts are a 20mm x 20mm Square Head so they suit tracks 20mm and up.

Bolt length 40mm of exposed thread when fitted to track.

These bolts allow you a neat and easy way of mounting fittings to your roof racks.

Be it for your 4wd trip away to mount clamps for a shovel or to create tie down fittings etc etc you name it, these will allow you to bolt things neatly to your roof bars - and remove them in a few minutes.

These Bolts will fit the tracks of any current model Wing or Oval Bar on the market with the mounting track down the middle.

  • Thule all
  • Rhino Rack all
  • Pro rack all
  • Rola (current model alloy bars - not old model plastic ones)
  • All the generics bars I have seen.