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Starboard 2015  7'4 x 25.5" Pro Carbon

Starboard 2015 7'4 x 25.5" Pro Carbon

  • $2,74900

The 7’4” x 25.5” is the board that will take your riding to the next level of performance.

With a narrowed outline and thinner in the nose and tail this board speeds through

it’s turns effortlessly. The single concave to a drastic V in the tail offers a speedy

ride down the line as well as a very quick bottom to top turn response. That mixed

in with the sharp rails of the tail tapering into a thinner domed rail in the center

of the board and through the nose provides for a very gradual transition into your

turns and out. All these aspects combine for the ultimate board for powerfully quick,

vertical turns, cutbacks, and airs at a level that no other board has allowed before.