Wing Foil Board Hire

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We've got a few different wing foiling boards available for hire, including some cross over boards for SUP and Prone foiling.  So long as you've got a foil that suits the standard 90mm track mount you can hire a board for a few days and get some sessions out on the water while you're up here in Noosa.

Our board lineup is constantly changing at the moment, but we usually have a few different options around from Fanatic, Naish, Konrad and others.  Whether you need something super big and easy or are chasing a smaller more performance orientated board, get in touch with us and we'll see what we've got to suit for you.

Wing Foil Board Hire is for the board only, including a legrope if requested.  You'll need your own foil, and if you don't have your own wing with you one can be hired here! 

If you're wanting to learn to wing foil, check out our lesson options.