Adventure Sports Settling into our Move.

Anyone who has every moved knows just how much stuff you can accumulate. It's been nearly 13 years and this is the first time we've had to move to a smaller place. It was sad to have to part with some old memorabilia and George has suffered 'farmers anxiety' at having to throw away useless old bits of kiting gear that dated back to the dawn of time but we are settling in now.

Everything that we continue to sell online is boxed up and catalogued, well relatively well organised anyway. 

We've even managed a small display area for all our kiting gear, both new and used. 

Big thanks to everyone who helped with the move. Some of you came and purchased our sale items, took away our pre-loved items and saved them from landfill, while others loaned vehicles, time and muscles to move the heavier items. 

Thanks to your all!!!

We've analysed the survey and your feedback face to face and we are working on our new business model with excitement. George has managed more foil SUP time, including a couple of foil SUP lessons. It's our expectation that we will be able to spend more time on the water with you, including offering progression clinics, demo days and more.

Our phone was successfully moved to the new premises and you can still contact us most days on 0754556677 or contact us through the website anytime. 



Adventure Sports Settling into our Move.