Coronavirus Update - Open For Business

Our email boxes are full of Coronavirus updates so we thought we'd fill yours up too. 

No seriously, we do need to communicate that we are still open through this crisis and we will still be around long after it is all over.  We are not having any Mega Lockdown Sales! But we are continuing to look after our local customers and students as we always have. With that in mind, if you see an item on some crazy sale & we have it in stock, we will match the price, so please let us know. We need your support now, as much as ever. 

We have temporarily suspended lessons in the interest of safety and in compliance with government restrictions. Just before this virus took a hold of our country, we had been in contact with some international customers. Our 14 days of self imposed quarantine are up on the 31st March so some lessons will recommence after that date.

However, total beginner lessons require a lot of hands on help and no matter what anyone is saying, we can't possibly teach safely keeping a 1.5mtr distance from our students (even with radio helmets). So our lessons will continue, but restrictions on skills will apply. If you want to learn to kite foil, do intermediate tricks, nail that board start or go upwind, then we are here to teach. 

We are also offering our SUP foil & Private SUP lessons because social distancing is a breeze in these cases. 

Our shop is open for online, phone sales and local pick up. We are definitely able to attend to any repairs and in limited numbers, abiding by the government restrictions, we can also open our showroom should you require new gear, to check out our used gear or to collect a purchased item.

You've probably already noticed, above all, we are still kiting. We are doing downwinders but we are not car pooling. Obviously it is up to the individual to choose but car pooling with anyone you haven't already had regular contact with is a huge risk not only to ourselves, but to our older loved ones. We will continue to not car pool as we have elderly relatives that live in our granny flat and we are responsible for shopping for them and their general well being. We will, in an emergency still help you out in the water of course, but stay safe, kite within your abilities and wherever possible, get a family member to drop you off or pick you up from downwinders.  


Coronavirus Update - Open For Business