Come n Try Kitesurfing - Noosa - Sunshine Coast

Let's dispel a few myths first: No, you don't need upper body strength and yes, you can do it even if you're not super fit or young. In fact our average student age is over 45 & often 50-60 plus. That said, we can also teach children to kiteboard so why not find out more at our up and coming Come n Try Clinic?

Sunday the 23rd September with sessions starting from 11am - Bookings are essential so please book in via the shop on 0754556677 or email us here. 

Our IKO certified and experienced team of instructors will take small groups and teach them the basics of kite flying before introducing them to the larger kites and other equipment required to kitesurf.

Kitesurfing Lessons Come and Try Noosa

Each session will have a maximum of 3 students and last approximately 45 minutes. Kiteboarding is a technical flying sport which some people find intimidating while others seem to take it all too casually. The Adventure Sports team take safety seriously and all students will learn, have fun and stay safe with our instructors. 

Many kitesurfers find kiteboarding is an excellent release from the day to day pressure of work and a great way to stay fit. If you decide to progress into the surf, you can be assured of endless waves. Check out our local video surf sessions here.

No matter what you decide, you have to start somewhere so book in quick as spaces will be limited. 


Come n Try Kitesurfing - Noosa - Sunshine Coast