Foilboarding with the Adventure Sports Team in Noosa

Our team have recently dedicated some serious water time to developing their skills in both SUP & Prone surf Foiling. With some private coaching from JB @naish both George and Jayden have progressed very quickly and are training to be able to share some of what they have learnt with locals. 

The best coaches are often those people who can go from complete beginner to progressive rider and know exactly how they managed to make that happen. This is what our team have been working on and are now able to pass this knowledge on to students.  


Jayden is one of our kitesurfing instructor and a local surfer. He has focused his training on prone foil surfing and progressed very well in a short time.

George has been dedicated to SUP foilboarding and is now foiling on the open beaches. After many years of kite foiling and stand up paddle the transition was a little easier, but gear selection and wave choice play a very important role in successful progression, just like they do in all sports.

Although both George and Jayden can kite foil, we have taken out a few foil novices behind the boat and at cable and found both of these options are great fun and good cross over training. We will be planning a few cable sessions over the coming months, so contact us if you are interested in joining in.  

While learning to foilboard, things to consider:

  • A larger wing and shorter mast while learning.
  • Wave selection - this is really important so speak to the guys about what is working for them.
  • Board selection - like learning to SUP and surf, it's best to expect to initially paddle a larger board. The volume of your bigger surf or SUP board would be a good guide.
  • Stance - finding the balance point for your foil & board can take time. Remember to keep your stance on the centre line of the board and move your weight forward and backwards gently as you find that balance point. When in doubt, move forward and keep the foil down. 
  • Stay away from close outs, shore breaks & other water users. 
  • Always wear a leash. 
  • If you have never kite foiled, consider a boat or cable session but SUP foiling in small waves has been a really easy transition for most of the team. 

Our Naish foils & boards have been a huge hit and initial orders sold through really quickly. New stock has just arrived, so get in quick.

We have a range of Neil Pryde foils coming in soon & the Naish 150 litre SUPs & X-Over SUP/Windsurf boards will be here by the end of August. 

We are looking forward to more kite foilboarding this season but now with SUP & Prone surf foiling, we have no excuse not to be on the water every day. Ask the team about foilboarding & get a free lesson with any foilboard package this season. 

See the current foil board range online here. The Naish 2019 are in store only at this stage.


Foilboarding with the Adventure Sports Team in Noosa