We are Moving!

Many of you may already know that the building we use for our shop has sold and we are moving, but we aren't going anywhere until late February 2020.

So where are we going? 

This has been the question on everyone's lips of late so we thought we'd give you all an update. We haven't decided yet!

But don't panic, we are not moving away from Noosa, why would we, we love Noosa. We are looking at our options over the coming months and we can see the face of retail has been changing quite dramatically over the past few years and will continue to evolve into the future.  

Another consideration has been Liam's decision to go to uni in 2020 to pursue a career as a Physiotherapist. We are very excited for him and will miss him full time in the school, but he will still be working part time, mostly on weekends.

We have considered the impact this might have on our ability to operate a 6 day a week store 52 weeks a year. We also want to spend more time on the water, helping our customers progress. Our ideas range from online shop, mobile school to pop up summer retail premises with more holidays, training camps and flexibility over winter. 

Rest assured, we will continue to service our kitesurfing, SUP and foil customers but we are discontinuing skate, clothing and any accessories that don't directly relate to our main sports or suit an online shop.

That's good news for you because we have massive clearance pricing on skate, clothing, swimwear, some SUP, water and outdoor accessories in the lead up to our move.

Checkout the wide range of sales.

If you would like to chat, have some awesome ideas or want to offer feedback then drop in an see us in store or contact us.   


We are Moving!