Wing Foil Hire

If you're already an avid wing foiler and are keen to get some sessions in up here in Noosa we've got a range of options to suit.  If you're new to the sport, we'd recommend checking our our Wing Foil Lessons.

Due to the rapidly progressing nature of the equipment our range is ever changing, but we've always got a selection of wings and boards available to hire.

Short Term Wing Foil Hire:

Our short term hire option is aimed at people who've done a lesson or two with us and want to keep practicing.  It's $199 for a session typically lasting for around 2-3 hours, and will be performed under supervision while we are on location teaching Wing or Kite lessons.

All equipment is provided including board, wing, foil and other accessories such as impact/floatation vest, wetsuit if desired. 

Long Term Wing Foil Hire:

Due to the nature of foils we're unable to hire you a foil without supervision, however we can hire you the rest of the kit!   If you're travelling, bring your foil with you and you can hire a board, wing and whatever else you need while you're here.