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Never too old to learn to Kitesurf

Never too old to learn to Kitesurf

How old is too old to kitesurf?

So far, with over ten years of teaching experience, we can honestly say that you are never too old to learn to kitesurf. We have successfully taught hundreds of people over 40 years of age to kitesurf, both male and female. One of our most successful students was over 70 when he came to us to learn and he has continued to progress at home in the US. Even Barrack Obama recently learnt to kitesurf at the age of 55. 

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Check out one of our Facebook Videos of one of our mature students progressing here.

Top Tips for over 50's learning to kitesurf

  • Get quality instruction - referral is the best option. Find a school that has taught other people of your age or fitness level. Not all schools have the experience, patience and expertise to teach students of all skill levels.
  • Learn in shallow water - older students don't always have the fitness level for learning in deep water and shallow water offers the easiest way to learn to kitesurf, this one goes for everyone!
  • Use the safest and most suitable equipment - not all safety systems are the same. Only use equipment with a full flagging safety system.
  • Learn in moderate wind - get the gear that makes learning easy in moderate wind conditions. Bigger kites & bigger boards in moderate wind offer the safest way to learn to kitesurf. Big kites are like big trucks. They move slowly and more predictably than small kites and don't surprise you with excessive power unexpectedly.   
  • Take your time. You don't bounce like a 20 year old and won't recover from injuries as quickly as you once did. So take it easy and avoid accidents all together. There is no reason why anyone should sustain any injury while learning to kitesurf. 

Check out the difference between location and instruction here on just one of our Trip Advisor Reviews. 

Fantastic Kite surfing instruction

'These guys were great for learning to kite. I had a few lessons before, but George helped me put it all together. Extremely knowledgeable about the sport and very safety focused.'

Want to see more of Lake Weyba and the perfect learning location? See our Youtube videos here.

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Noosa River Mouth Code of Conduct

Access to the Noosa River Mouth is subject to a Code of Conduct. Please call into the shop before kiting on Noosa's beaches to ensure you are aware of the Code & of local council and lifeguard regulations.
Thanks for your support of the local kitesurfing community.
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Beat the Kitesurfing Lesson Price Rise!

All our lessons have gone up by $25 flat fee as of the 1st July. This is the first price rise in 7 years, so we hope you understand the need to pass on the increasing costs of running a quality IKO certified and Council approved school. As a special offer to all our valued customers, we are offering to hold the price rise for any lesson vouchers purchased in July.

If you have been thinking about a progression lesson or wish to get a gift for a friend or family member then please give us a call to order your lesson voucher at the old prices. 

Thanks for all your support and we look forward to continuing to offer top quality service, instructors and support in the coming season.

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Facebook Coupon Save $75 on Group Lessons

Pay only $75 for a 2 hour group kitesurfing lesson with IKO qualified Instructors 

Beach based beginner lesson to teach you the safety, basic flying techniques, set up of inflatable kites & basically get a chance to find out why Kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing watersports world wide.

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