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Keeping It Local - and the Winner Is!

We didn't really want to call either of these 'give-aways' a competition because it was never about competing at all, and it certainly wasn't an out the hat draw. Yet someone has to be the 'winner' or the recipient of these gifts and it is now time to let everyone know who!

SUP Give-away!

A local SUPper kindly donated one of his pre-loved boards and set the criteria for the give-away. After a short consult with the current owner, we have found our lucky new owner. You will surely see him eagerly testing out his Coreban Nitro 8'5 on the local waves. James has been so dedicated to SUP that he has been using old windsurfing boards to get the job done. Well now he can get out on the real thing and we all hope he goes nuts on the his new board. 

Grom Kitesurf Give-away!

We made the application process for this give-away pretty challenging on purpose. With over $600 in lessons & a good quality used set up valued in excess of $1800, this was a pretty substantial gift. Applicants couldn't just put their hand up, they had to tell us why they really wanted to learn to kitesurf and in an interesting way. This set up was destined for a really passionate grom.

We are super happy to offer Alice a chance to complete her 'learn to kitesurf' journey. Alice started lessons with us a while back, but couldn't quite make the leap to get her own gear and progress. We will be tracking Alice's progress on Facebook so stay tuned to see how she goes in the coming season. 



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Keeping it Local

Every year as a small business we get asked to donate to loads and loads & it seems an ever increasing list of loads of charities. 

Now we have sponsored many of them over the years, but a lot of the money donated goes to administration costs for these charitable organisations and we have been thinking (I know dangerous but) there must be a better way.  

So, we would like to offer a local young person (under 18) the opportunity to learn to kitesurf FREE, along with a FREE used set up. Application is open to anyone aged between 15-18 years.

All nominations need to be by the nominee (the young person themselves). Submissions can be a video, audio, in writing or in person (instore). Tell us why you want to learn to kitesurf, what other sports you enjoy, what you like or don't like about school and anything else you think we should know.

Nominations close 30th March 2015   

Extended until the end of April School Holidays

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