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Fiji Kite Trip 2017 - Fun Times!

Fiji Kite Trip 2017 - Fun Times!

Two weeks in Fiji chasing waves and wind; what more could the team at Adventure Sports Noosa ask for?

Beachouse Fiji hosted two of our groups over 2 weeks with people travelling from Noosa, Sydney & Adelaide to enjoy the local Fijian hospitality of this unique and genuine location. Andrew and the team looked after us with boat trips to kite, fish and surf along with a few awesome nights of DJ tunes, live music and all night dancing and entertainment.

In the first week we enjoyed an awesome downwinder along the reef hitting Serua left/right, Pipe, Jays and every break in-between. We all rated this in our top 10 ever surf sessions. The video will be ready very soon, so keep an eye on our Youtube Channel or Facebook

The second week was a little lighter wind but the crew were all intermediate riders and really got some great training in the lagoon doing mini downwinders and boat packdowns.

When it wasn't windy, we had some awesome SUP sessions on the Beachouse break with a few guys taking a boat trip to Frigates to surf. We took time out to enjoy lunch at the EcoCafe Wood fired Pizza cafe, spent plenty of time on the Fijian massage tables, shot a little pool and basically relaxed with the Beachouse community; many who live in outlying villages.

Fiji holds a special place in the hearts of the Adventure sports team. Fijian's are laid back, community focused and always super cruisie; something we value on holiday and at home in Noosa.

If you want to join us next year, we are taking expressions of interest, so send us a message here.

To see more photos, check out our Facebook Album.    

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Never too old to learn to Kitesurf

Never too old to learn to Kitesurf

How old is too old to kitesurf?

So far, with over ten years of teaching experience, we can honestly say that you are never too old to learn to kitesurf. We have successfully taught hundreds of people over 40 years of age to kitesurf, both male and female. One of our most successful students was over 70 when he came to us to learn and he has continued to progress at home in the US. Even Barrack Obama recently learnt to kitesurf at the age of 55. 

Click to view Video

Check out one of our Facebook Videos of one of our mature students progressing here.

Top Tips for over 50's learning to kitesurf

  • Get quality instruction - referral is the best option. Find a school that has taught other people of your age or fitness level. Not all schools have the experience, patience and expertise to teach students of all skill levels.
  • Learn in shallow water - older students don't always have the fitness level for learning in deep water and shallow water offers the easiest way to learn to kitesurf, this one goes for everyone!
  • Use the safest and most suitable equipment - not all safety systems are the same. Only use equipment with a full flagging safety system.
  • Learn in moderate wind - get the gear that makes learning easy in moderate wind conditions. Bigger kites & bigger boards in moderate wind offer the safest way to learn to kitesurf. Big kites are like big trucks. They move slowly and more predictably than small kites and don't surprise you with excessive power unexpectedly.   
  • Take your time. You don't bounce like a 20 year old and won't recover from injuries as quickly as you once did. So take it easy and avoid accidents all together. There is no reason why anyone should sustain any injury while learning to kitesurf. 

Check out the difference between location and instruction here on just one of our Trip Advisor Reviews. 

Fantastic Kite surfing instruction

'These guys were great for learning to kite. I had a few lessons before, but George helped me put it all together. Extremely knowledgeable about the sport and very safety focused.'

Want to see more of Lake Weyba and the perfect learning location? See our Youtube videos here.

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Fiji Winter Trip - Book Now!

Fiji Winter Trip - Book Now!

16th - 30th July 

Book for 1 or 2 weeks - twin share private accommodation options are limited so be quick!

The team will be back in Fiji again this year for a fantastic winter escape offering wind, flat water and waves for all levels. 

With share accommodation from $50 a day including meals & private rooms from $1295 for 7 days, you can't go wrong.

Beachouse offers a surf break right on your door step, a windy lagoon of flat water for intermediate kiters and some awesome breaks only a boat trip away including Serua left/right and Frigates.

The resort boasts a small and personal feel with day trips available for non-kiting partners or non-windy days. Island trips, waterfall walks, market trips and so much more make this location suitable for everyone to enjoy. Laze in a hammock, swim in the swimming pool or snorkel around the crystal clear waters.  

George and Fiona will lead a group for downwinders as the conditions permit. The lagoon offers flat and shallow water for intermediate riders and the surf break is suitable for most kiters. The inside wave offers a perfect beginner SUP or surf  wave, while the outside break is a fast and challenging option for the more advanced surfers.  

We already have heavy bookings for the first week, so be quick to secure you spot. Contact us on 0754556677 for more details or email here

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DI Kite and Noosa SUP Sessions

DI Kite and Noosa SUP Sessions

It might be getting cooler, but Noosa has been beautiful for the occasional DI kite and local SUP sessions.

The water is crystal clear and the waves might still be on the small side, but they have been pretty clean and consistent for SUP.

Take a look at a few photos of the fun we have been having. 

Follow us on Facebook to see all the DI & Rivermouth kiting plus all the  local SUP photos.


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Adventure Sports 2015 Year In Review

Adventure Sports 2015 Year In Review

It has been a pretty eventful year. Although we are pretty busy still, we have had a few laughs recapping some of our amazing adventures for the year.

  • We moved our entire, very large and messy range of stock into our new location on Eumundi Rd in Noosaville. It was a crazy busy time, but we are super happy with the move. We hope you are too.
  • We took our camper trailer on a road trip to Far North Queensland (during the coldest winter snap ever) and joined some of our customers in Cairns, Green Island and Cape Flattery. It was a great break and those who joined us had an awesome time.  
  • We hosted Richard Branson for a Downwinder. It is the first time we have ever taken a helicopter for a drop off vehicle. 
  • George had back surgery and we are very fortunate he was not out from teaching too long. Also even more lucky to have our youngest son Liam coming on as an instructor this season. He is a chip of the old dad block with super patient and skilled teaching.
  • We filmed a TV show and hosted a couple of big names for the day. We have yet to be advised of a screening date, but will keep you posted.
  • We applied for and were awarded with the Sunshine Coast Council permits to continue teaching at Lake Weyba - thanks to the kiting communities continued support on this.  
  • We said fairwell to Max as he returned to France but welcomed Simon and Aden to our teaching team. Both will sit their IKO in February and have been great assistant instructors during their training period.
  • We taught close to 200 students and added quite a few to our local kitesurfing community.  
  • We hosted a FREE safety clinic and a number of KB4girls clinics to support and encourage the local kiting community. 

All up a pretty busy year and we thank each and every one of our valued community members for their continued support and friendship. 

Have a great New Years and we will see you on the water in 2016.


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Richard Branson Kitesurfing in Noosa

The team at Adventure Sports recently had the pleasure of taking Sir Richard Branson on a downwinder in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. 

The whole family enjoyed planning the event, including a visit to Makepeace Island to finalise the logistics with our regular visitor and former student Brett Godfrey. Our youngest son, Liam (15) likened it to planning a covert op (video game style).

George joined the guys for a quick helicopter flight from Makepeace Island to Stumers Creek at Coolum where the team from Adventure Sports had everything set up ready for the downwinder to Castaways Beach.  

We really want to thank our local kite crew who were fantastic, in true Aussie style; giving Sir Richard the chance to enjoy the pristine Noosa coastal downwinder with the same freedom they enjoy year round. Liam, George and Fiona all joined Sir Richard and Brett for some consistent SE winds and favourable wave conditions, while Rachel and Simon kept an eye on us from the beach.  

Sir Richard was very gracious and we all enjoyed meeting him and show casing just a little piece of the kitesurfing paradise Noosa has on offer. 

If you are considering a kitesurfing trip to Noosa, then don't hesitate to contact us. We can arrange the whole package, including a variety of accommodation and tour options. 


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Adventure Sports - Australian Kitesurfari Trip

Can't rate this trip highly enough, seriously. We have traveled to Maui, Fiji, Vietnam, Bali and quite a few areas within Australia to kite and have never had such a consistently windy trip as we did in Cape Bedford with Ant and Paulie. 

When they told us it blew 24/7 they were not exaggerating. It really does. We arrived midday on the first day to 18 knot winds which continued to build all day. The small kites came straight out and we kited for over 4 hours until exhaustion finally kicked in.

Day 2 provided a full pond of shallow water right out the front of the camp and perfect 20 plus knots. This location is flat water heaven and provided just the right conditions for our crew to progress their kiting.

Day 3 was absolutely cranking and we broke out every small kite we had with us including Fiona's 4mtr Dice. It was time for everyone to try out a smaller kite and the biggest we had on the water all day was an 8mtr Dice. Some of the crew took a morning break until the wind settled down in the afternoon, offering hours of kiting in the shallow lagoon as the tide came in. 

Day 4 offered up sunshine, wind and just the right water level in the lagoon to get jumping. We were all up early to make the most of the last morning on the water. Everyone was 100% kited out by the time we loaded our tired bodies into the vehicles for the scenic trip home through the Daintree. Not sure how we stayed awake for the trip, but Ant was great company and had some really funny stories to share. 

The meals were great, with special diets catered for as required. The location was remote and we had it all to ourselves. Ant and Paulie have made the kite camp really comfortable with bungalows made out of rainwater tanks and loads of shady areas to relax in. There was plenty of hot water, hospitality and no croc's; 'not a one'. The location has been really well selected to offer shallow flat water and Ant is super conscious of safety, which we really appreciated.

We are already planning next years trip and would have no hesitation in recommending you check out this pristine spot. Check out the photos here, amazing place. Plus a little video here.


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FNQ Winter Escape Wrap Up with Adventure Sports

Well after over 4000 kilometres in our own trusty ute & camper trailer, plus another few thousand with Australian Kite Surfari we can say we have trekked quite a lot of the Queensland Coastline over the last three weeks or so. 

In this update, we will focus on the great progression of some of our locals as they joined us in Yorkeys Knob, Green Island and Cape Flattery to maximise their time on the water over winter. From all reports so far, everyone was really happy with the accommodation, locations on offer and the conditions.

Yorkeys wasn't cranking by any means, but that didn't stop everyone from getting out on the water. They learnt pack down, self rescue, light wind riding techniques and even Lisa had a go on the 15mtr Juice. Our big kites got a lot of testing in Cairns/Yorkeys but everyone was back on their own gear for our Green Island Day Trip and the last day in Yorkeys before heading North. 

Green Island was a gem of a day. With conditions similar to our Fiji Trips, just right there only 45minutes out of Cairns Harbour. Everyone was raving about the day. We all kited ourselves into exhaustion and have a great collection of photos to show for it.

You will find a snap shot of a few photos of Cairns and Green Island on our Flickr Album.

Cape Flattery delivered some serious wind and deserves a full article which will be published shortly. 

Thanks to everyone for joining us and making the trip enjoyable. For info on some of the locations we visited along the coast call in to the shop and say hi. We will be running a couple of updates on the road trip over the next month. See you on the water.



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Yorkey's Knob Winter Escape

After four days of kiting the crew are looking a little tired and have welcomed a sleep in and rest morning. With unlimited coaching, everyone has done really well and mastered some new skills over the four days on the water. 

Yesterdays trip to Green Island was spectacular and we were really lucky to get a full day of great wind and water conditions. It was a struggle to get everyone off the water and round them up in time to catch the last quick cat of the day home.

We have been really fortunate to have a friend of ours along for the trip who is an avid photographer, so we are editing our way through her photos and will post some more very soon, but in the meantime you can see how much fun everyone is having with some photos taken by us. 

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Adventure Sports Crew in Cairns 2015

Well the locals tell us it isn't as warm as usual, but we aren't complaining. The temp only dropped to about 18 last night which was a very pleasant change from our camping trip up the coast.

The accommodation has been sorted and everyone has settled in. They hardly had their feet on the ground before hitting the water yesterday. 

We are staying just across the road from the rigging area at Yorkey's Knob in some very nice apartments. The wind forecast has been updated and looking good over the next few days. The crew are just going through their safety briefing and learning how to pack down and self rescue while we wait for the wind this morning, which has just started blowing the trees overhead.

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