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F-One Kiteboarding - Now Back in Store!

F-One Kiteboarding - Now Back in Store!

F-One has been a tricky product to source over the last couple of years due to a few distribution issues, but we're pleased to announce it's back on the shelves again! 
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We are Moving!

We are Moving!

Many of you may already know that the building we use for our shop has sold and we are moving, but we aren't going anywhere until late February 2020.

So where are we going? 

This has been the question on everyone's lips of late so we thought we'd give you all an update. We haven't decided yet!

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New Beginnings for Adventure Sports Kitesurf Australia

New Beginnings for Adventure Sports Kitesurf Australia

Exciting changes are coming to Adventure Sports Kitesurf Australia.
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Never too old to learn to Kitesurf

Never too old to learn to Kitesurf

How old is too old to kitesurf?

So far, with over ten years of teaching experience, we can honestly say that you are never too old to learn to kitesurf. We have successfully taught hundreds of people over 40 years of age to kitesurf, both male and female. One of our most successful students was over 70 when he came to us to learn and he has continued to progress at home in the US. Even Barrack Obama recently learnt to kitesurf at the age of 55. 

Click to view Video

Check out one of our Facebook Videos of one of our mature students progressing here.

Top Tips for over 50's learning to kitesurf

  • Get quality instruction - referral is the best option. Find a school that has taught other people of your age or fitness level. Not all schools have the experience, patience and expertise to teach students of all skill levels.
  • Learn in shallow water - older students don't always have the fitness level for learning in deep water and shallow water offers the easiest way to learn to kitesurf, this one goes for everyone!
  • Use the safest and most suitable equipment - not all safety systems are the same. Only use equipment with a full flagging safety system.
  • Learn in moderate wind - get the gear that makes learning easy in moderate wind conditions. Bigger kites & bigger boards in moderate wind offer the safest way to learn to kitesurf. Big kites are like big trucks. They move slowly and more predictably than small kites and don't surprise you with excessive power unexpectedly.   
  • Take your time. You don't bounce like a 20 year old and won't recover from injuries as quickly as you once did. So take it easy and avoid accidents all together. There is no reason why anyone should sustain any injury while learning to kitesurf. 

Check out the difference between location and instruction here on just one of our Trip Advisor Reviews. 

Fantastic Kite surfing instruction

'These guys were great for learning to kite. I had a few lessons before, but George helped me put it all together. Extremely knowledgeable about the sport and very safety focused.'

Want to see more of Lake Weyba and the perfect learning location? See our Youtube videos here.

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Fiji Winter Trip - Book Now!

Fiji Winter Trip - Book Now!

16th - 30th July 

Book for 1 or 2 weeks - twin share private accommodation options are limited so be quick!

The team will be back in Fiji again this year for a fantastic winter escape offering wind, flat water and waves for all levels. 

With share accommodation from $50 a day including meals & private rooms from $1295 for 7 days, you can't go wrong.

Beachouse offers a surf break right on your door step, a windy lagoon of flat water for intermediate kiters and some awesome breaks only a boat trip away including Serua left/right and Frigates.

The resort boasts a small and personal feel with day trips available for non-kiting partners or non-windy days. Island trips, waterfall walks, market trips and so much more make this location suitable for everyone to enjoy. Laze in a hammock, swim in the swimming pool or snorkel around the crystal clear waters.  

George and Fiona will lead a group for downwinders as the conditions permit. The lagoon offers flat and shallow water for intermediate riders and the surf break is suitable for most kiters. The inside wave offers a perfect beginner SUP or surf  wave, while the outside break is a fast and challenging option for the more advanced surfers.  

We already have heavy bookings for the first week, so be quick to secure you spot. Contact us on 0754556677 for more details or email here

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Adventure SUP

Adventure SUP

Everyone knows you can surf a SUP, race a SUP and play on flat water with a SUP, but not many have experienced the advantages of Adventure SUP.

The Noosa Everglades is the ideal place to tour with a SUP. The pristine waters offer safe swimming, glorious natural wonders and established overnight camping locations. 

You don't need a touring SUP to take advantage of this awesome activity. There are some very affordable options out there from our Run Out Naish Glide Touring, a used Race SUP or some of our longer flatwater SUPs on special, like the Starboard Blend or the Fanatic 11'6 Fly.

Adventure Sports sell all the accessories you might need for a day or overnight trip including deck nets, lashing points, waterproof backpacks, paddle leashes, hydration, light weight tents and so much more.

Check out the adventure SUP video here and take a browse through our SUP accessories catalogue online here.


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Nisco SUP Race Series - Event 1

Nisco SUP Race Series - Event 1

They always say you have to start somewhere. Saturday the 17th September was the very first Nisco SUP Race in Noosa and for those who attended, it was a great day.

The weather was perfect, JB from Naish joined in to show the team the ropes and everyone enjoyed some one on one coaching and participation. Even the Yacht Club boat crews had a little time to join in the fun.

We already have registrations for the October's event, some travelling from Hervey Bay and the team are all hyped up to see loads of people, especially kids join in. So to make the event even more affordable, we are allowing kids to participate FREE when coming with an adult.

The registration is only $15 and this includes the board use, coaching if time permits and the support of the rescue boat from the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club.

As we build up these events over the season, we will be planning a round of the National Nisco competition where not only the relay race will featured but all divisions will be on show including the 10km endurance and full course race.

For more details, call us at the shop on 0754556677 or register online here.

To check out more photos, visit us on Facebook.  

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Nisco SUP Race Series comes to Noosa

Nisco SUP Race Series comes to Noosa

Nisco Inflatable SUP Race Series

The Noosa series is open to amateurs, families or anyone just wanting to get out on the water for some fun in the sun this summer.

The format is for teams of 4-5 people to race in relay around a marker approximately 100mtrs offshore on the Noosa River. The winner of each heat will go in the finals to see who takes the title for the day.

The event is hosted by Adventure Sports in conjunction with the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club who have made their facilities available for the race series which starts in September.

To cover board hire and the NYRC safety vessel there is a $15 entry fee per person. There will be some great prizes on offer for the winning team and you can grab a coffee and breaky at the NYRC afterwards if you like.

The event is open to anyone who wants to join in and have some fun. All ages, all fitness levels. Bring your own team or we can add you to a team on the day.   

If you enjoy the series, you can join in to a round of the National competition to be held in Noosa in January, where all race formats will be held including a long distance and full course race.

To register, visit here


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Fiji Holiday 2016

Fiji Holiday 2016

We had 10 days away recently, working on an early summer tan in Fiji, staying at The Beachouse Fiji on the Coral Coast. The boys were left home holding the fort while Rachel joined us for the first 7 days, enjoying her first Fiji experience, despite the near drowning at Sigatoka and the reef bite :)

Beachouse Fiji was a new spot for us and we were not really sure how it would all turn out. A few locals joined in for the adventure and we were all stoked with the experience. The Beachouse offered plenty of alternative activities for the non-kiting family members and provided us all with plenty of waves and some great wind for kiting.

For the first 7 days we explored a variety of surf options including a boat trip to Serua. With so many activities on offer including Island trips, day tours to the markets, bush walking and even horse riding, everyone had something to keep them busy. We enjoyed some great SUP sessions on the inside break while the short boarders took advantage of some hollow reef breaks.

The second half of the trip offered up some good quality wind of around 18-25knots and we even managed to do a downwinder to the Warwick Resort over some nice clean reef breaks. 

Plans are already underway for the 2017 trip, so if you are keen to be kept up to date, then let us know. We will likely spend 3-4 days on Malolo Island before heading to the Beachouse again. The Malolo Island stop over will provide us with a few days exploring Namotu, Swimming Pools and Cloud break but still provide conditions to suit our intermediate paddlers and kiters at Beachouse. 

Check out the photos on Facebook



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DI Kite and Noosa SUP Sessions

DI Kite and Noosa SUP Sessions

It might be getting cooler, but Noosa has been beautiful for the occasional DI kite and local SUP sessions.

The water is crystal clear and the waves might still be on the small side, but they have been pretty clean and consistent for SUP.

Take a look at a few photos of the fun we have been having. 

Follow us on Facebook to see all the DI & Rivermouth kiting plus all the  local SUP photos.


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Travel Tips with Adventure Sports

Travel Tips with Adventure Sports

We enjoy some of the best surf and wind conditions all year around in Noosa, but it can get a little cool over winter months and people often ask us about travelling with their equipment. You might be a first time kitesurfing traveller and we just thought we would run through a few things to consider if you are planning a kitesurfing trip this winter.


Probably our most asked question is; How do I pack my kitesurfing equipment and what happens at the airport?

This question is a little variable because if you are lucky enough to travel business class, you have a bigger luggage allowance than the rest of us, but most travellers will get a 23kg allowance with the option of buying more. A single kitesurfing set up will usually fit into a travel bag and weigh less than 23kg, leaving a bit of room for you to add your wetsuit top, some clothes and a few bits and pieces. Don't forget, you have 7kg of carry on to pack clothes into a backpack or roller bag. If you travel light, you can often get away with just the one bag, but most airlines are pretty well priced to add a second bag as long as you book it online before you get to the airport. 

The key to getting in and out of the airport easily is a roller bag. These bags pack your gear up into a nice neat package with wheels (or backpack straps). They are over sized, but this is easily handled through a special bag drop off point at all airports. Just check your bag in as usual, get it weighed and take it to the oversized baggage area. Have your boarding pass handy as the guys at the gate will want to double check it before putting your bag through.



There are so many places to travel but not all are going to be suitable for all levels of kitesurfer. We usually choose our destinations to suit all levels from intermediate to advanced but if you are planning on travelling on your own, then feel free to chat to our staff about selecting the ideal location.

If you do travel without assistance and you are still at an intermediate level then consider these safety tips before getting on the water in your location.  

  • Is the water deep enough and are there any underwater obstacles (reef etc)?
  • If you can't stay upwind, is there somewhere you can safely self land downwind? (go for a little walk first).
  • Can you enlist boat support on location if an emergency arises?
  • Is there a safe launching and landing position free of obstacles?
  • Are there any fast moving currents to consider?

Assessing your location before you start kiting is the key to a fun and safe kiting session in any location. If you are travelling in reef areas consider split toe reef booties to protect your feet.


Check your travel insurance carefully as not all travel insurance policies will necessarily cover you for kitesurfing related injuries. We use TID as they cover professional kitesurfing, but you should read your policy to be sure you are covered.

Where to go?

Grab a copy of the latest Kiteworld Magazine (available in store) which has a special travel mag in this edition. You can also pick up a fantastic coffee table book by Stoked Publications 'The World Kite and Windsurfing Guide' which has destinations and details of hundreds of locations worldwide. Or, you can ask our team about some of the places we have travelled in Australia and overseas. 




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