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Fiji Kite Trip 2017 - Fun Times!

Fiji Kite Trip 2017 - Fun Times!

Two weeks in Fiji chasing waves and wind; what more could the team at Adventure Sports Noosa ask for?

Beachouse Fiji hosted two of our groups over 2 weeks with people travelling from Noosa, Sydney & Adelaide to enjoy the local Fijian hospitality of this unique and genuine location. Andrew and the team looked after us with boat trips to kite, fish and surf along with a few awesome nights of DJ tunes, live music and all night dancing and entertainment.

In the first week we enjoyed an awesome downwinder along the reef hitting Serua left/right, Pipe, Jays and every break in-between. We all rated this in our top 10 ever surf sessions. The video will be ready very soon, so keep an eye on our Youtube Channel or Facebook

The second week was a little lighter wind but the crew were all intermediate riders and really got some great training in the lagoon doing mini downwinders and boat packdowns.

When it wasn't windy, we had some awesome SUP sessions on the Beachouse break with a few guys taking a boat trip to Frigates to surf. We took time out to enjoy lunch at the EcoCafe Wood fired Pizza cafe, spent plenty of time on the Fijian massage tables, shot a little pool and basically relaxed with the Beachouse community; many who live in outlying villages.

Fiji holds a special place in the hearts of the Adventure sports team. Fijian's are laid back, community focused and always super cruisie; something we value on holiday and at home in Noosa.

If you want to join us next year, we are taking expressions of interest, so send us a message here.

To see more photos, check out our Facebook Album.    

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Adventure SUP

Adventure SUP

Everyone knows you can surf a SUP, race a SUP and play on flat water with a SUP, but not many have experienced the advantages of Adventure SUP.

The Noosa Everglades is the ideal place to tour with a SUP. The pristine waters offer safe swimming, glorious natural wonders and established overnight camping locations. 

You don't need a touring SUP to take advantage of this awesome activity. There are some very affordable options out there from our Run Out Naish Glide Touring, a used Race SUP or some of our longer flatwater SUPs on special, like the Starboard Blend or the Fanatic 11'6 Fly.

Adventure Sports sell all the accessories you might need for a day or overnight trip including deck nets, lashing points, waterproof backpacks, paddle leashes, hydration, light weight tents and so much more.

Check out the adventure SUP video here and take a browse through our SUP accessories catalogue online here.


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Travel Tips with Adventure Sports

Travel Tips with Adventure Sports

We enjoy some of the best surf and wind conditions all year around in Noosa, but it can get a little cool over winter months and people often ask us about travelling with their equipment. You might be a first time kitesurfing traveller and we just thought we would run through a few things to consider if you are planning a kitesurfing trip this winter.


Probably our most asked question is; How do I pack my kitesurfing equipment and what happens at the airport?

This question is a little variable because if you are lucky enough to travel business class, you have a bigger luggage allowance than the rest of us, but most travellers will get a 23kg allowance with the option of buying more. A single kitesurfing set up will usually fit into a travel bag and weigh less than 23kg, leaving a bit of room for you to add your wetsuit top, some clothes and a few bits and pieces. Don't forget, you have 7kg of carry on to pack clothes into a backpack or roller bag. If you travel light, you can often get away with just the one bag, but most airlines are pretty well priced to add a second bag as long as you book it online before you get to the airport. 

The key to getting in and out of the airport easily is a roller bag. These bags pack your gear up into a nice neat package with wheels (or backpack straps). They are over sized, but this is easily handled through a special bag drop off point at all airports. Just check your bag in as usual, get it weighed and take it to the oversized baggage area. Have your boarding pass handy as the guys at the gate will want to double check it before putting your bag through.



There are so many places to travel but not all are going to be suitable for all levels of kitesurfer. We usually choose our destinations to suit all levels from intermediate to advanced but if you are planning on travelling on your own, then feel free to chat to our staff about selecting the ideal location.

If you do travel without assistance and you are still at an intermediate level then consider these safety tips before getting on the water in your location.  

  • Is the water deep enough and are there any underwater obstacles (reef etc)?
  • If you can't stay upwind, is there somewhere you can safely self land downwind? (go for a little walk first).
  • Can you enlist boat support on location if an emergency arises?
  • Is there a safe launching and landing position free of obstacles?
  • Are there any fast moving currents to consider?

Assessing your location before you start kiting is the key to a fun and safe kiting session in any location. If you are travelling in reef areas consider split toe reef booties to protect your feet.


Check your travel insurance carefully as not all travel insurance policies will necessarily cover you for kitesurfing related injuries. We use TID as they cover professional kitesurfing, but you should read your policy to be sure you are covered.

Where to go?

Grab a copy of the latest Kiteworld Magazine (available in store) which has a special travel mag in this edition. You can also pick up a fantastic coffee table book by Stoked Publications 'The World Kite and Windsurfing Guide' which has destinations and details of hundreds of locations worldwide. Or, you can ask our team about some of the places we have travelled in Australia and overseas. 




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Fiji Trip Early Bird Bookings

Fiji Winter Escape - Coaching, boat support & all inclusive Kitesurfing Trip
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Adventure Sports Xmas & New Year Trading Hours

Closed - Christmas Day
Closed - Boxing Day
Closed - New Years Day
Closed - All Sundays
Open Monday - Saturday other than above days.

Wishing everyone a fantastic Christmas and Safe and Happy New Year.

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Adventure Sports Kitesurf Australia launch new Facebook Page

With nearly 5000 friends on Facebook it was time to re-think things.  We didn't want anyone to miss out on some awesome information about kitesurfing in Australia, so we have launched our new travel page on Facebook for all our international & even interstate friends wanting information on kiting on the Sunshine Coast & Far North Queensland.  We will also do some travel blogs here on places we have been to or know of in other areas of Australia.  

We will continue to use our existing Facebook profile to keep in touch with all our local friends, however sales, specials, events & other information on the latest equipment reviews, technical tips etc will continue to be highlighted on our more locals orientated page at

Thanks to everyone who helped us reach the magical 5000.  Pick a page to LIKE or pick both.  On until the end of July you will get a chance to win $50 worth of clothing, so if you live close by, jump on quick to be in the draw.

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