Foilboarding with the Adventure Sports Team in Noosa

Foilboarding with the Adventure Sports Team in Noosa

Foilboarding is here to stay. Find out more about SUP, kite & Prone Surf Foiling from the team at Adventure sports Noosa.
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Duotone - It's official - Boards and More Farewell North Kiteboarding

Duotone - It's official - Boards and More Farewell North Kiteboarding

Interview with Till Eberle, Managing Director of Boards & More GmbH

It’s true: Boards & More is bidding farewell to North Kiteboarding and will be launching its own brand – Duotone – in the summer.

Till, many rumours have been swirling around over the last few weeks and months. Is it true that Boards & More is bringing a new brand to the kite market?

Yes, that's true. We’ll be launching the new brand Duotone on 1st of August 2018. What does the new Duotone brand stand for?

Duotone represents authenticity being true both in kiteboarding and in windsurfing. We will continue to offer high-quality products for all disciplines and will push forward as leaders in technology for the sports that we love.

Will there be Duotone products for kiteboarding, windsurfing, surfing, or even wakeboarding?

That is possible. However, our current focus is on kiteboarding and windsurfing. Inspecific terms, we’re likely to explore the foil sector. The major trend of foil surfing, i.e. in groundswell wave foils, is very exciting.

What has happened now for you to give up North Kiteboarding after 18 years?

Boards & More and North Sails Group America, which is owned by Oakley Capital, have somewhat differing views about the future of the brand. This is what motivated us at Boards & More to come up with our own brand. We have some exciting ideas for the future and are ready to take full control over bringing them about.

Is the Boards & More Group getting a new owner?

No, at least not at the moment. But few years from now this could certainly happen.

Will North Kiteboarding still be around?

That I cannot say. We, as Boards & More, will no longer be running the North Kiteboarding brand after a transition period ends.

So, you’ll be giving up North Kiteboarding. What does this mean for customers? If, for example, a customer bought a new North Kiteboarding kite in the spring?

That is all taken care off. We, that is Boards & More, work with the dealer where the customer bought his kite and will continue our cooperation with the dealer. We absolutely guarantee any warranty claims in legal periods. Even better yet, if the customer has signed up for our warranty extension program, they will receive an extra 6 months on top of the original warranty period. Additionally, we will also continue to be accommodating beyond that. As Boards & More we have a reputation for being reliable and we will continue to honour the service and warranty for any of the products we sell.

And of course, as Boards & More, we also want to get our new Duotone brand up and running. We’ll do everything in our power to make our existing customers happy.

With the new brand name, is it simply a case of relabelling your existing products and now selling them under the Duotone moniker?

We’ll keep developing our products under the new brand, that’s for sure. All the engineering, the design of the kites, the entire know-how – that’s all knowledge acquired byBoards & More over the years. All of the products were developed by our employees, all of the patents are ours and all of the product names belong to Boards & More.
For example, we created the Rebel and the Neo so there will still be a Rebel and a Neo available under Duotone, which will be identical in terms of flight characteristics and positioning to the Rebel or Neo of the past. We will also maintain our proven manufacturing setup to ensure that we are delivering the same superior quality to our customers.

So, next year customers will still be able to buy a Click Bar, NTT binding, Twintips with the track system or a Neo kite?

Yes, they will. Customers will get everything they’re familiar with and even a little bit extra.

All of your developers, team riders and international distributors will be staying with you?

We asked the question to everyone beforehand: Ken Winner, Ralf Grösel, Sky Solbach, all of the team riders, and everyone is on board. All of our developers and internal team have signed on for the next few years and are excited to see this come to life. Initially, many employees thought it was a joke – that we couldn’t just create an entirely new brand. However, now that we are in doing it, it is obvious, that many new possibilities show up and our employees, especially many of the younger team members, are more motivated than ever to leave their footprint.

What new freedoms are you particularly excited about with your own Duotone brand?

Sometimes a change can really inspire you. The Duotone brand belongs to us; we canshape it as we see fit. We’ll position Duotone where we think it best fits and where it mightbe cool for our customers. We have no connection to sailing anymore. Where you come from and what you stand for is the brand's new outlook. We can also develop Duotone in new areas, such as foiling or clothing if we so desire. Or if we want to bring surfboards tothe market, that’s something we can do too. Now it's up to us what we want to pursue.

Will the launch of Duotone affect the other brands of Boards & More Group, i.e. ION, Fanatic and Arrows?

No, not at all.

You own the ION brand from which ION Club is derived. Why is the new brand not called ION Kiteboarding?

This is something that we discussed internally at length. However, we came to the conclusion that from a brand positioning perspective it is better to keep ION as an independent brand; even Cabrinha kiters or Slingshot fans can identify with ION and purchase these products. Our principle, when we created ION was not to offer any hard goods under this name, rather to create a neutral brand, which specialises in accessories as a complement to ours as well as other hardware brands. For that reason, ION isn’t aperfect fit for our original idea of creating a new kite brand.

Duotone is not a new name. There was a snowboard brand from Boards & More with this name back in the 1990s. Why are you pulling this name out of the drawer again?

There was plenty of heated debate about the name Duotone in some forums. We think it’s very exciting because it’s a very emotional name with many meanings and interpretations.In the last two years, our kites have had this duotone effect in terms of their colour scheme;that’s how we stumbled upon it. When we were looking for a name for the new brand, we chose Duotone as the internal project name. The longer we worked with it, the more we realised that this name was a really good match for the new brand. On top of that, this name was already registered worldwide by Boards & More. And we really liked the double meaning associated with the name Duotone: Wind and water combined form a better unit, just like lightness and stability. This interaction between two factors crops up again and again in the creation of products.

And the fact that the name was associated with snowboards from the 1990s does that bother you?

No, the 1990s was a long time ago and more importantly: Duotone was a very cool brandback then, high in quality and ahead of its time. That’s why we have few reservations.

Would you describe this new venture, for you personally, as more of a burden or a liberation?

I would say this is a massive opportunity. We’re bringing something new to the table,something which no one else is doing. I get this feeling of optimism again. It’s a challenge –but very exciting, creatively speaking. I would put it like this: If you want to ride a big wave like Jaws and show zero respect to the challenge or consequence, then that's not likely to have a positive outcome. A certain amount of respect is a good guide, so we’ve worked diligently to develop a thorough plan of action and welcome the new possibilities.

How do you plan to make the new Duotone brand known to the world?

Kitesurfing is a very tight community. There might be half a million kiters worldwide. Word has gotten around already that the new Duotone brand is about to launch. But naturallyenough, we’re also planning a thorough marketing push from our end to ensure that the brand launch is a great success, which will also largely benefit our sales partners. Additionally, Boards & More probably has the best international distribution system in the wind-water segment which we will utilize to spread the word.

With the launch of Duotone, do you expect the price of second-hand North Kiteboarding kites to plummet?

I doubt it. Because a Rebel is always a Rebel and a Neo is always a Neo. The customerknows what he wants. He’s not simply after any old kite from a particular brand. From myexperience, the specific model, the product name, is more important than the brand. And both retailers and consumers can be sure that there won’t be too many end-of-season,discounted sale goods from North Kiteboarding this year; we’ll be keeping a tight rein onoverruns. The best guarantee for a good resale value is a modest amount of reduced products at the end of the season.

When are the new Duotone kites and boards coming to market?

The Duotone brand will be officially launched on 1st of August. Previously, the market launches of the Vegas, Rebel, Dice and Neo kites were spread from August to October. This year the Duotone Vegas, the Duotone Rebel, the Duotone Dice and the Duotone Neo will be available in-store in August. Our entire range of Twintips and Surfboards under the Duotone brand will also be available at that time. The second product push will then follow in February 2019.

Germany, Oberhaching, 9th of May 2018

Boards & More GmbH Keltenring 9
D-82041 Oberhaching

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ASI SUP Instructor Training

ASI SUP Instructor Training

George and Liam both recently completed their L1 & L2 ASI instructor qualifications. With four intensive days of training covering rescue, SUP safety, paddle strokes and progression, the guys were pretty pumped. This has opened up a new avenue for Adventure Sports into the future. 

Many of our customers have been asking our team to teach them to SUP or to help them progress with their SUP technique. When you buy a board from us now, you won't only get quality products, excellent advise and back up service, but you can also take advantage of our qualified team of instructors.  

This training is reserved for customers who have purchased boards from us so if you are looking for some additional help in making the most of your SUP, then give the shop a call or contact us here.

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Keahi de Aboitiz with Cabrinha in Noosa

Keahi de Aboitiz with Cabrinha in Noosa

In case you don't know the story; Keahi's dad Chris de Aboitiz started the school "Kitesurf Australia" in the late 90's and was instrumental in bringing kiteboarding to Noosa. At that time, Keahi was only very young but it didn't take him long to join his dad in teaching kiteboarding. The rest they say is history. Keahi has gone on to win the World Wave Championships twice & the Tarr family has continued what the de Aboitiz family started all those years ago.

When we purchased the shop in 2007, Keahi was still at school and just making his mark on the kiteboarding world. We couldn't help but share a few photos for those who didn't know Keahi then. 

This photo is when Keahi won the Coolum Kite Festival Downwinder Race hosted by Adventure Sports. A lot has changed in 10 years.


We are pleased to bring Cabrinha Kiteboarding to Noosa and it continues to be a pleasure working with Keahi on building the kitesurfing community locally.

Check out some of the local crew at the Cabrinha demo day recently. We all enjoyed catching up with keahi and checking out his form, even in the light wind conditions.



Thanks also to Alan from Cabrinha for all your hard work pumping kites :) 


We also hosted a safety clinic where George took some of our intermediate riders through safe launching and landing practises along with self rescue. The turn out was great and the feedback was really positive. Let us know what you enjoyed learning the most. 


Keahi proving light wind is no excuse. 




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Kitesurfing Equipment Maintenance

Kitesurfing Equipment Maintenance

It's that time of year. The wind is beginning to pick up, the sun is out & the water is crystal clear and warm. But.....Your kite has been in storage for a few months and before you head out for your first big session, it might be time to do a little maintenance. 

Things to Check

Check your kite for small holes. If there are any pin holes, patch them now with some sail repair tape. 

Check the stitching on the leading edge & struts. Is it worn? Are there any loose threads? If you are not sure, bring your kite in for a check up in store.

Check your pulleys, leader lines & pigtails for general wear. Ensure the pulleys are running freely and there is no fraying of the attachments on the kite. 

Check your bar. Does the release work? Does the depower/trim rope need replacing? Are the lines in good order? 

Check the kite pumps up. It might sound simple, but you would be surprised how many people get caught out at the beginning of the season. Some older model kites that have been in storage might have valve leaks and it's the worst thing to find when you rush down to the water & pump up on that perfect day only to find your kite won't hold air. While checking valves, check hoses, hose clamps & valve connections for leaks, damage or missing zip ties (collars).

Need a New Kite?

The most cost effective time we have found to change your kite over; especially if you kite regularly, is after 2 full seasons. This is around the time you might find you need to replace depower ropes, lines, wearing parts like pulleys etc. Make these our problem, trade in your kite while it still has a good resale value and grab the latest gear for trouble free kiting this coming summer.

Alternatively, add a smaller kite to the quiver to take the load off your main kite. We have a good selection of used kites to choose from but even better, there are often some great clearance bargains this time of year as the new season equipment arrives.

Board Maintenance 

Grab your board and a screwdriver. Tighten all your fin screws, pad screws and generally take a close look at your inserts, pads and straps for wear and tear. There is nothing worse than having the best session of the season ruined by a broken or unattached foot strap.

Surfboards need maintenance too. Strip off the wax and start fresh, replace damaged deck pads and check your fin boxes for any signs of stress. Why not try out a new set of fins this season for improved performance and snappier bottom turns. Fins really do make a difference in the surf. 

Harness, leashes & other equipment

Check the cleats on your harness. It's been left unused for a while and the cleats might be seized up with salt and corrosion. Many models have replacement cleats as spare parts.

Does your safety leash work? Is it full of sand and need a good soak? Test it out & invest in a new leash if you need to. It's what ensures your kite doesn't end up in the trees if you have to go to safety in an emergency, but it also needs to work properly in the surf in case you have to let the whole kite go to avoid damage in a wave.

Check out a few of our most recent wear and tear discoveries. 



Your kiting gear is like your car. It needs regular maintenance to offer you trouble free use. Your car needs a service and oil change to ensure it won't let you down when you really need it. If you are not sure where to start with kite equipment maintenance, then bring your gear into the shop & get the team in store to take a look for you.


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Fiji Kite Trip 2017 - Fun Times!

Fiji Kite Trip 2017 - Fun Times!

Two weeks in Fiji chasing waves and wind; what more could the team at Adventure Sports Noosa ask for?

Beachouse Fiji hosted two of our groups over 2 weeks with people travelling from Noosa, Sydney & Adelaide to enjoy the local Fijian hospitality of this unique and genuine location. Andrew and the team looked after us with boat trips to kite, fish and surf along with a few awesome nights of DJ tunes, live music and all night dancing and entertainment.

In the first week we enjoyed an awesome downwinder along the reef hitting Serua left/right, Pipe, Jays and every break in-between. We all rated this in our top 10 ever surf sessions. The video will be ready very soon, so keep an eye on our Youtube Channel or Facebook

The second week was a little lighter wind but the crew were all intermediate riders and really got some great training in the lagoon doing mini downwinders and boat packdowns.

When it wasn't windy, we had some awesome SUP sessions on the Beachouse break with a few guys taking a boat trip to Frigates to surf. We took time out to enjoy lunch at the EcoCafe Wood fired Pizza cafe, spent plenty of time on the Fijian massage tables, shot a little pool and basically relaxed with the Beachouse community; many who live in outlying villages.

Fiji holds a special place in the hearts of the Adventure sports team. Fijian's are laid back, community focused and always super cruisie; something we value on holiday and at home in Noosa.

If you want to join us next year, we are taking expressions of interest, so send us a message here.

To see more photos, check out our Facebook Album.    

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Never too old to learn to Kitesurf

Never too old to learn to Kitesurf

How old is too old to kitesurf?

So far, with over ten years of teaching experience, we can honestly say that you are never too old to learn to kitesurf. We have successfully taught hundreds of people over 40 years of age to kitesurf, both male and female. One of our most successful students was over 70 when he came to us to learn and he has continued to progress at home in the US. Even Barrack Obama recently learnt to kitesurf at the age of 55. 

Click to view Video

Check out one of our Facebook Videos of one of our mature students progressing here.

Top Tips for over 50's learning to kitesurf

  • Get quality instruction - referral is the best option. Find a school that has taught other people of your age or fitness level. Not all schools have the experience, patience and expertise to teach students of all skill levels.
  • Learn in shallow water - older students don't always have the fitness level for learning in deep water and shallow water offers the easiest way to learn to kitesurf, this one goes for everyone!
  • Use the safest and most suitable equipment - not all safety systems are the same. Only use equipment with a full flagging safety system.
  • Learn in moderate wind - get the gear that makes learning easy in moderate wind conditions. Bigger kites & bigger boards in moderate wind offer the safest way to learn to kitesurf. Big kites are like big trucks. They move slowly and more predictably than small kites and don't surprise you with excessive power unexpectedly.   
  • Take your time. You don't bounce like a 20 year old and won't recover from injuries as quickly as you once did. So take it easy and avoid accidents all together. There is no reason why anyone should sustain any injury while learning to kitesurf. 

Check out the difference between location and instruction here on just one of our Trip Advisor Reviews. 

Fantastic Kite surfing instruction

'These guys were great for learning to kite. I had a few lessons before, but George helped me put it all together. Extremely knowledgeable about the sport and very safety focused.'

Want to see more of Lake Weyba and the perfect learning location? See our Youtube videos here.

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Balance & Training - Vew-Do Balance Boards, Slacklines and more!

Balance & Training - Vew-Do Balance Boards, Slacklines and more!

Our new Balance & Training category has just gone live, check out the range here!

With the addition of the Gibbon Slackline range last year, and most recently the Vew-Do balance boards, we've had an amazing response and demand for the gear both in store and online. So we've dedicated a section of the online store to balance and training gear and hope to add even more great options for balance recreation and cross training in the future!  Watch this space!

Vew-Do Balance Boards

Vew-Do Balance Boards are an awesome balance training aid developed and fully produced in the US. Originally created to assist with snowboard instruction and training the boards have been hugely popular among those with a passion for boardsports, whether it be surfing or kiting, skate, sup, snow or anything else. Vew-Do boards will provide hours upon hours of entertainment, all while being excellent balance/board training and practice.


Their gear has also been instrumental in certain avenues of physiotherapy and rehabilitation therapy, can be utilised in other fitness and training areas such as yoga and pilates, and has even been intergrated into offices all around the world, used in conjunction with standing desks to keep people physically active and moving throughout the work day!

Gibbon Slacklines

Gibbon Slacklines are another awesome balance training tool that can provide plenty of fun when you can't get out on the water, though maybe a little less approachable than balance boards!  Originally a bit of a niche sport done mostly by rock climbers in bad weather, Gibbon have brought slacklining to the rest of the world with a simple and easy to use setup making the sport a lot more approachable.  Compact and easy to use, but difficult to master, they're a great bit of fun for any sports enthusiast.  A few sessions and you'll be pulling off moves like this.. maybe:

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Fiji Winter Trip - Book Now!

Fiji Winter Trip - Book Now!

16th - 30th July 

Book for 1 or 2 weeks - twin share private accommodation options are limited so be quick!

The team will be back in Fiji again this year for a fantastic winter escape offering wind, flat water and waves for all levels. 

With share accommodation from $50 a day including meals & private rooms from $1295 for 7 days, you can't go wrong.

Beachouse offers a surf break right on your door step, a windy lagoon of flat water for intermediate kiters and some awesome breaks only a boat trip away including Serua left/right and Frigates.

The resort boasts a small and personal feel with day trips available for non-kiting partners or non-windy days. Island trips, waterfall walks, market trips and so much more make this location suitable for everyone to enjoy. Laze in a hammock, swim in the swimming pool or snorkel around the crystal clear waters.  

George and Fiona will lead a group for downwinders as the conditions permit. The lagoon offers flat and shallow water for intermediate riders and the surf break is suitable for most kiters. The inside wave offers a perfect beginner SUP or surf  wave, while the outside break is a fast and challenging option for the more advanced surfers.  

We already have heavy bookings for the first week, so be quick to secure you spot. Contact us on 0754556677 for more details or email here

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Adventure SUP

Adventure SUP

Everyone knows you can surf a SUP, race a SUP and play on flat water with a SUP, but not many have experienced the advantages of Adventure SUP.

The Noosa Everglades is the ideal place to tour with a SUP. The pristine waters offer safe swimming, glorious natural wonders and established overnight camping locations. 

You don't need a touring SUP to take advantage of this awesome activity. There are some very affordable options out there from our Run Out Naish Glide Touring, a used Race SUP or some of our longer flatwater SUPs on special, like the Starboard Blend or the Fanatic 11'6 Fly.

Adventure Sports sell all the accessories you might need for a day or overnight trip including deck nets, lashing points, waterproof backpacks, paddle leashes, hydration, light weight tents and so much more.

Check out the adventure SUP video here and take a browse through our SUP accessories catalogue online here.


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Nisco SUP Race Series - Event 1

Nisco SUP Race Series - Event 1

They always say you have to start somewhere. Saturday the 17th September was the very first Nisco SUP Race in Noosa and for those who attended, it was a great day.

The weather was perfect, JB from Naish joined in to show the team the ropes and everyone enjoyed some one on one coaching and participation. Even the Yacht Club boat crews had a little time to join in the fun.

We already have registrations for the October's event, some travelling from Hervey Bay and the team are all hyped up to see loads of people, especially kids join in. So to make the event even more affordable, we are allowing kids to participate FREE when coming with an adult.

The registration is only $15 and this includes the board use, coaching if time permits and the support of the rescue boat from the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club.

As we build up these events over the season, we will be planning a round of the National Nisco competition where not only the relay race will featured but all divisions will be on show including the 10km endurance and full course race.

For more details, call us at the shop on 0754556677 or register online here.

To check out more photos, visit us on Facebook.  

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Nisco SUP Race Series comes to Noosa

Nisco SUP Race Series comes to Noosa

Nisco Inflatable SUP Race Series

The Noosa series is open to amateurs, families or anyone just wanting to get out on the water for some fun in the sun this summer.

The format is for teams of 4-5 people to race in relay around a marker approximately 100mtrs offshore on the Noosa River. The winner of each heat will go in the finals to see who takes the title for the day.

The event is hosted by Adventure Sports in conjunction with the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club who have made their facilities available for the race series which starts in September.

To cover board hire and the NYRC safety vessel there is a $15 entry fee per person. There will be some great prizes on offer for the winning team and you can grab a coffee and breaky at the NYRC afterwards if you like.

The event is open to anyone who wants to join in and have some fun. All ages, all fitness levels. Bring your own team or we can add you to a team on the day.   

If you enjoy the series, you can join in to a round of the National competition to be held in Noosa in January, where all race formats will be held including a long distance and full course race.

To register, visit here


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